Welcome to PerformancePlus (PP+)

PerformancePlus (PP+) is an unofficial osu!Standard ranking system meant to better represent player skill.

It features Player Rankings, both Global and national, and Global Play Rankings, each for 8 different (sub)skill categories, detailed player profiles and map leaderboards for any ranked beatmap sorted by PP+ performance.

Also check out the Seasonal Rankings!

Discord server and bot

We have a development/feedback discord server open to the public. This is where we would prefer majority of your feedback be posted so it can be discussed openly with active members.

Syrin's discord bot, UniChan, has been extended to include some PerformancePlus functionality!

UniChan is active in the public discord server and can also be added to your own servers by using this link.

PerformancePlus functionality can be explored with the =pp+ help command

Skills Overview


Total is, in principle, just like PPv2 scores. For maps and scores, it is a combination of total Aim, Accuracy, and the highest value between Stamina and Speed. For players, the pp total is half the weighted sum of the player's Total scores ("PPv2 total"), and half a combination of the player's total Aim, Accuracy, and Speed/Stamina rating ("osu!tp total").

Aim (Total)

Aim (Total) is again, in principle, just like PPv2 aim, measuring the overall difficulty in aiming a map. It has three subcategories, Jump, Flow and Precision. The first two are complementary to each other, although they don't simply sum up to the total, and are calculated by only accounting for jump/flow patterns in the map, ignoring anything else. Precision is simply the pp gain from CS change.

Aim (Jump)

Aim (Jump) is the jump aim difficulty portion of the map. On top of PPv2's pure spacing, angles, and a basic account of patterns are taken into account.

Aim (Flow)

Aim (Flow) is the flow aim difficulty portion of the map, the biggest part of which comes from stream aim. On top of spacing as in PPv2, the difficulty of various kinds of streamjumps, and sharp curves and general angles are reflected in this value. Streams with high enough spacing used to give extra speed rather than aim in PPv2 as to account for low spaced singletaps, but since the singletap/stream detection is done by other means in PP+, spacing gives aim now.


Precision is simply the difficulty gain a map gets from the CS, with respect to CS1.


Speed is similar, yet unlike PPv2. It has been split into two categories, measuring both two contrasting yet highly intertweened aspects of speed. Speed measures the pure speed of a map, while Stamina measures its stamina requirement. Although generally, the higher the bpm the higher these two values will be, a high bpm burst map will have very high speed but less stamina than a 200bpm deathstream map and viceversa.


Accuracy has been completely overhauled compared to PPv2. Using statistical approaches, accuracies across different ODs are normalized to a single "super-OD" and scaling is done relative to that and the map's circle/object count. The map's average rhythmic complexity is calculated, accounting for doubles, quadruples/even streams, and 1/3, 1/6 rhythms, and is applied to the resulting accuracy value as a multiplier.


While not a separate skill, reading skill in the form of density is also taken into account as a bonus to Aim, with HD getting a sizeable bonus for higher densities.


23rd September 2017

  • Improved handling of duplets in rhythm complexity.

29th August 2017

  • Reduced combo based scaling for speed/stamina, increased accuracy based scaling.
  • Toned down the value of extreme spacing for flow aim.
  • Reduced map length scaling for speed/stamina, compensated by increased length scaling for aim.
  • Increased emphasis on streams for stamina.
  • Reduced FL bonus on short maps, increased FL bonus on longer maps.

17th May 2017

  • Misc site fixes.

28th April 2017

  • Season rankings now showcase the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place players from the previous season.

22nd April 2017

  • Unichan now send an Updating player/beatmap... message to confirm that the command is being processed and hasn't died

21st April 2017

  • Changed rank to display "Above #10,000" for players above #10k since they are inaccurate due to the incomplete user database
    We are working on a more elegant solution

20th April 2017

  • Improved rhythm complexity
  • Improved handling of low accuracy, speed scores

18th April 2017

  • Added highlighting of maps ranked in the past week for season maps page
  • Fixed time ago showing the incorrect values
  • Fixed beatmap length zero padding
    eg. For a beatmap of 2 minutes and 6 seconds, 2:06 instead of 2:6

17th April 2017

  • Added changelog
  • Added highlighting of scores made in the past week
  • Added support for names with spaces for Unichan using double quotes
    eg. =pp+ stats "Name with spaces"
  • Fixed mods sometimes not showing correctly
  • Fixed Add score sometimes not working
  • Improved cheater removal

13th April 2017

  • PerformancePlus launched!