I am an 18 yr old kid from Australia who likes to program stuff... I have been interested in programming for a few years, however my school didn't offer any computer science courses so I had to do all my learning in my own time.
I also recently graduated from high school in November 2016 so I finally have some time to get my projects underway.
Next year I am planning to study Computer Science and/or Software Engineering at university.

UniChan Python | Discord.py

UniChan is a discord bot I started developing in the December school holidays of 2015 because I was looking for something to become my first big project and help me further my programming experience. After a few months UniChan ended up growing to be used in a few different discord servers by over 100 users daily. Unfortunately however, school took up a lot of my time and thus UniChan's development was significantly hindered.
I plan to start work on a website for server owners to more easily manage UniChan in their servers also in the future.

osu!chan Python | Django

osu!chan is an osu! statistics site, specialising in top rank analysis, that I began during the month of December 2016. I plan to continue developing osu!chan for the foreseeable future and continue to add new features such as beatmap analysis and more, as well as polishing the site's design and current features.