I am an 18 yr old kid from Australia who likes to program stuff... I have been interested in programming for a few years, however my schools didn't offer any computer science courses so up until this year (2017), I had to do all my learning in my own time.
I am currently studying Computer Science with a Software Development major at Swinburne University of Technology.
I plan to take advantage of my mid-semester/mid-year breaks to continue working on my personal projects including osu!chan and UniChan.

UniChan Python | Discord.py

UniChan is a discord bot I started developing in the December school holidays of 2015 because I was looking for something to become my first big project and help me further my programming experience. After a few months UniChan ended up growing to be used in a few different discord servers by over 100 users daily. Unfortunately however, school took up a lot of my time and thus UniChan's development was significantly hindered.
I plan to start work on a website for server owners to more easily manage UniChan in their servers also in the future.

osu!chan Python | Django

osu!chan is an osu! statistics site, specialising in top rank analysis and theoretical statistics, that I began during the month of December, 2016. I continued developing updates to expand the site up until I started at university. I plan to return to developing osu!chan later this year to add a bunch of new features I have been requested to implement and potentially (if I have enough time and willpower) rebuild the site from the ground up to have a much more stable and expandable structure.